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Home Page - Michael Padway & Associates - California Personal Injury Lawyers - Our goal is to educate people about their rights. We exist to see that people who are wrongfully injured are fairly compensated. We also exist to help you through your difficult time. We strive for a fair settlement, and we go beyond that to assist you in working through the early stages of your injury.

Meet Michael Padway - California Personal Injury Lawyer - Injury attorney "Mike" Padway has 30 years of experience in accident and injury cases. He has lectured for the American Bar Association, and co-chaired a committee on how small firms can handle large and complex cases.

Types of Personal Injuries - Each of the many serious injuries that can result from negligence or carelessness needs to be treated differently to be presented properly in your case. Here you will find information about some of the various types of personal injuries that our San Francisco personal injury lawyers represent.

Head Injury - Traumatic Brain Injury: Every fifteen seconds someone in the U.S. suffers a brain injury. Every five minutes, one of those people will die. Learn more about brain and head injuries here.

Blindness - Every year 50,000 Americans become blind. Blindness occurs most often with advancing age, but a substantial portion of blindness results from injury. Details and information about blindess and causes for it as a result of an injury accident.

Burn Victims - If you have suffered a burn injury, you may want to consider contacting a burn victim lawyer who has expertise in burn injury cases. You may be eligible for compensation. View further details on burn injuries here.

Death as a Result of a Serious Injury - Wrongful death lawsuits allege that the death of a loved one occurred as a direct result of negligence or mistreatment by a medical professional. Wrongful death suits aim to hold a negligent or drunk driver, product manufacturer, drug company, doctor, hospital or medical professional accountable for the victim’s death.

Truck and Car Accident Injury Lawyers - When people are careless behind the wheel, serious injuries and even death can turn a family upside down. Whether involving auto accidents, drunk drivers, truck, or motorcycle accidents. Michael Padway & Associates will help you with your serious injury case.

Contact A California Personal Injury Lawyer - Online contact form to contact a California Personal Injury Lawyer at Michael Padway & Associates.

Defective Product and Product Liability Attorneys in Washington DC - At Michael Padway & Associates, we work hard to make negligent manufacturers pay for faulty, harmful, or carelessly marketed products.

Funding Issues For Personal Injury Victims - You will have to deal with major financial decisions in connection with your injury. For serious personal injuries, the amount at stake may be the largest amount of money you will ever deal with in your life. Funding a major injury is expensive, complicated, and frustrating. Here is some resoures and information to help you with the financial decisions you need to make.

Life Care Plan for Personal Injury Victims - When we accept representation of a new client, we make a commitment to provide services appropriate to the level of injury. At Michael Padway & Associates in California, we understand how a serious injury can turn your life upside down. We know that your goal is to create and fund a Life Care Plan. Find here how we help you put together a Life Care Plan following a serious personal injury.

Loss of Limb - You are not alone. Many people have lost limbs and survived. You will, too, and we will help you through the process. Find out more about serious injuries involving loss of limb and amputations and how we can help you through it.

Litigation For Victims of Personal Injury - Because we handle serious injury cases, we are sensitive to what you are going through and can help identify resources to help you through a difficult period. This page describes the type of personal injury cases our California personal injury lawyers handle and what we will do for you.

Medical Malpractice Attorneys - If you suspect a loved one received substandard medical care, and death or injury resulted, let the medical malpractice attorneys of Michael Padway & Associates help you find out the truth. Our medical malpractice attorneys are experienced with medical malpractice cases.

Orthopedic Fractures - Michael Padway and Associates, San Francisco California personal injury lawyers, have the experience and expertise to handle serious personal injury cases involving othopedic fratures. Here you will find more detail on orthopedic fractures and resoures to help.

Quadrapalegic, Parapalegic and Spinal Injury Lawyers - We've provided information on serious personal injuries resulting in parapalegic, quadraplegic and spinal injuries. We have also provide links to resoures avaible for you if you have been the victim of a serious injury accident.

Personal Injury Resource - Michael Padway & Associates knows that an educated client will be better prepared to handle everything that is involved with filing an injury lawsuit. Here we’ve provided a list of online resources involving all the injuries discussed in this site. For more information on a specific injury, talk to a Michael Padway & Associates personal injury attorney in California at 415-777-1511.

Personal Injury Lawyers in Washington DC - Link to our Washington DC personal injury lawyers, representing personal injury victims and serious injury law suits in Washington DC.

San Francisco Motorcycle Lawyers - Link to our California motorcycle lawyers, speacilizing in representing victims of motorcycle accidents and their families in San Francisco, Oakland and San Jose.

Washington DC Motorcycle Attorneys - Michael Padway & Associates in Washington DC is a nationally recognized leader in representing victims of motorcycle accidents and their families. Mike Padway combines his own motorcycling experience with his law practice to help motorcyclists resolve their legal problems and get back on track.

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