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Michael Padway - San Francisco, California  Personal Injury Attorneys Michael Padway - San Francisco, California  Personal Injury Attorneys


Michael Padway - San Francisco, California  Personal Injury Attorneys

California Personal Injury Lawyers

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Meet California Injury Attorney Michael Padway

California Personal Injury attorney "Mike" Padway has 30 years of experience in accident and injury cases. He has lectured for the American Bar Association, and co-chaired a committee on how small firms can handle large and complex cases. In addition to personal injury, he has an advanced degree in Taxation. "I went back to law school to get an LLM in Tax. I don't do much tax work, but it keeps you sharp to take on something new in a lot of depth". Thousands of clients have been impressed by the easy way that Mike will focus on a small point overlooked by the other side. "If your case is a good one, there will usually be some particular thing that the other side just can't explain. Once you find it, you work from there until the whole thing fits together. There is a big picture that has to work with the bits of evidence."

"I feel that I have been fortunate in being able to pick my cases. I love to handle cases involving the worst conduct of a defendant, and the most serious injury that a client can imagine. It can be stressful having responsibility for someone who receives a life changing injury, like spinal cord damage or helping someone who is badly burned, but it is the most rewarding when the case resolves."

California Injury attorney Mike Padway is particularly interested in getting into the science of proving the defendant's misconduct. Accident reconstruction, examining a product defect, or simply demonstrating that someone cheated is an art form if done properly. The best part about handling a case is sitting at a table with all of the material laid out, and simply thinking through the reasons that the defendant can't escape liability. If the case is put together carefully, it often makes a trial unnecessary, because the defendant will realize they aren't likely to get away with causing the injury.

When the injuries are as much as a client can deal with, they need help. A client going through major trauma doesn't realize how important it can be to have the right lawyer. A client with a big injury and good liability assumes that any attorney will get them a large settlement. In general, there may be some truth to this. What they don't realize is how much help it is to have a lawyer that has been down this road many times. Like anything else, you learn something each time you do it. This is a time when the amount of help has to be as big as the injury.

Clients are often surprised to get a call on a Saturday or Sunday. "I'm sorry to bother you, but I'm working on your case, and I just need to go over one little detail. Do you have a minute?"

For 30 years, the office has had one goal - to make its clients happy that they chose to have the firm handle their cases. And our injury attorneys help clients throughout California, including Oakland, San Francisco, San Jose, Los Angeles, and Ontario. We also help clients in the Washington, DC area.

If you or a loved one has been injured, call Michael Padway & Associates Injury Attorneys at 415-777-1511, or fill out this online contact form. Meet with us and find out how we can help you start rebuilding your life and get you a fair settlement for your injury. Serving Oakland, San Francisco, San Jose, Los Angeles & Ontario, California. Also serving Washington, DC

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